Balayage for Summer

Summer is right around the corner here in upstate NY and it’s the perfect time to freshen up your hair for the coming season with us at Cheri’ Marie Salon in Rochester, NY. Balayage is a timeless trend that gives a sun-kissed look to hair, no matter what the texture or color. Let’s get into the details of balayage – what it is, how it’s done, how to maintain and more!

What is Balayage?

Balayage means “to sweep” in French. And that’s what we do! With this technique we are able to precisely choose the strand of hair and freely paint our product on yielding a natural, blended look. So if you’re looking for soft and subtle all the way to a blonde bombshell, balayage maybe for you!

What’s the difference between Balayage and Traditional Coloring?

Balayage it set apart by it’s free-hand, painting technique and there is NO noisy, bulky foils on your head! The softer, smoother end result further differentiates balayage from traditional bold highlights. Have a fear of chunky, stripey highlights? Balayage can ensure that you won’t walk away with harsh contrasting colors throughout your hair. Since balayage is a free-handed technique, it allows the hair to softly grow out so there isn’t a harsh line like the traditional foil.


Is Balayage Hard to Maintain?

Luckily balayage is not much to keep up with. Because of its soft, smooth finish balayage is extremely low maintenance. Your hair will grow out looking natural and won’t have any defined regrowth lines that shout to everyone how badly you need to get your roots done! If your color turns brassy after a while, no problem. Balayage is the perfect technique to use for our low maintenance color lovers! Since the line is diffused, you will have that soft “lived in” color in 6 months. Only having to maintain if you have those pesky “sparkles” coming through or a simple glaze to soften the tone. Need a touch up? You can head back to our salon in Rochester, NY and refresh your color treated hair without doing full dye.



Will it work with my hair?

Balayage works on everyone, long or short, curly or straight! We do recommend booking a color consultation prior to your appointment, especially if box color has been used. Since balayage is a gentle lift, a few appointments may be needed to achieve those brighter looks. Our stylists at Cheri’ Marie Salon in Rochester, NY have extensive training and we guarantee you’ll love your new look!

With its timeless look, balayage is the perfect way to spruce up before the warm weather gets here. At Cheri’ Marie Salon in Rochester, NY we guarantee to send you on your way feeling amazing about your new hair. Interested in booking an appointment at our salon in Rochester, NY.

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