Why hire a professional?


“I can do it!”

“My friend is really good at makeup/hair.”

“I am already spending so much!”

First of all, getting your hair and makeup done is such a treat. It makes you feel like you are a celebrity!

But the question is, why hire a professional?




I am sure many of you have shared your makeup with your friends, no big deal right? But have you ever thought about where the makeup is actually going? Around the eyes, lips and mouth… Do you know how easy it is to catch a cold sore, pink eye or contact dermatitis? Pretty easily if you were not trained in proper sanitation. I even read a story about a woman in Australia who contracted a staph infection from using her friends makeup and then became paralysed! You can read about that right here. Pretty scary right? As a professional, you are trained to keep proper sanitation to protect the health of your client. It is very important to us. We have the knowledge and equipment to do so.



Just like a snowflake, everyone is different. Even identical twins will have a slight difference, only their close friends and family will notice. As a professional makeup artist we have the skill set to work on various types of face shapes, textures and skin colors. We know what products will work better or the perfect color to compliment your eyes. Each product is not a “one size” fits all. With our large kits we can accommodate all. Just like with makeup, hair on everyone is very different. We can take the finest of hair and make it look full. The curliest hair to the smooth simple do. Hair down to your butt? I am sure your friend would have no idea how to hide all that hair without having a massive “thing” on the back of your head.  We also know you have a pinterest boards full of different styles and we know exactly how to execute them.

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Did you ever do your makeup and looked it awesome! Then someone takes a picture of you and you look like a ghost?! That is because of the SPF in your makeup or your moisturizer. Anything above a SPF 20 will create a white haze in photography. Professional makeup is HD ready. Meaning it will give you a perfect photo, every time! We know never to put sparkles in your hair, since they look like little bugs soon as the flash hits it. If some of the girls in the wedding party do not get services professionally done. They stick out like a sore thumb in pictures. Their skin isn’t as flawless, their cheeks are non-existent, and their hair looks dry and flat. For your makeup to photograph perfectly, you need to add a little more than what you are used to. Especially if you are having an evening wedding. I know sometimes it is hard to think about spending the extra money to get your makeup and  hair done for your wedding. But think about it this way. The memories of your wedding day are going to be the picures. In your pictures it will be you standing next to your handsome husband, in your wedding dress with your hair and makeup done. That is what you will look back on years to come. I think the number one should be photographer, dress, makeup then hair. Everything else after that. Yes photographers are expensive, but the right ones are worth it. They have the eye to capture everything at the right moment. They know exactly what to look for. Not only are they there with you for 6+ hours. They have to look through thousands of pictures to find just the right ones. The right ones will bring you back to that very moment.



It is very important to hire LICENSED professionals. We go through extensive training and the best ones never stop learning. We have the skill set, the speed and knowledge to give you exactly the look you are wanting. On top if it all, we have the knowledge and understanding to keep you healthy and safe. We know exactly how to sanitize each brush, lipstick eyeliner or powder.  Did you know in NYS it is illegal to charge for a makeup application if you are not licensed or certified? That means the lady selling makeup to you may not know the regulations or sanitation. Better to be safe than sorry right?  Keep your stress level down, hire a professional.

While keeping you healthy, we will make you gorgeous! Not only are you worth it, but you will not regret it!


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