Your styling tools need an upgrade

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Ever wonder why your hair dries faster and smoother at the salon?!

Why are your spending FORR-EVVV-ERRRR (in sandlot voice) styling your hair?!

And why your hair feels so dry and damaged?!

This past summer I took a trip to Las Vegas. I chose not to bring my blow dryer, in exchange to fit more clothes in my bag! Well, being a hairstylist for almost 10 years, I haven’t use non-professional dryer since then.


Yes, I always knew professional styling tools were better. But not having used a non-professional dryer in that amount of time, gave me an eye opening experience. Now I know why my clients hair is never as smooth, why it is drier and why they complain it takes forever to dry their hair! Because I experienced all of that using this cheap, low wattage dryer with no concentrator. I can’t believe how long it took to dry my hair. Even with professional products, my hair was no where close to smooth. So I wanted to break down the reasons why professional tools are better.

Let’s start with the blow drier…

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There are so many options!

Where do you start?!


The material the dyer uses is one of the most important.

Cheaper dryers typically use plastic or cheap metal. These burn at a high uneven temperature causing the hair to become damaged and takes longer to dry. They also do not have longevity and tend to break faster. Meaning buying new driers more frequently.

Ceramic is a composite material. It creates an infrared heat, meaning it heats evenly.  Keeping the condition of the hair, smoothing and drying  faster.

Tourmaline is a gemstone that emits negative ions. Negative ions keeps the hair smooth, reduces static and keeps moisture in the hair. Also dries the hair 40% faster. Positive ions makes the hair frizzy, dull and unhealthy. Which would be found in plastic or metal dryers.


When using the dryer from Vegas, the motor is the first thing I noticed. I could tell it was not working like it should. I could hear it not blowing unevenly, thus taking longer to dry.  It was not strong at all! It was only 1600 watts. Professional dryers are 2000 watts. BIG difference.


I am sure most of you have no idea what it is meant for, so you tossed it in the trash or tried using it with no luck! Concentrator does exactly that, concentrates the  the hair in one direction, to keep the hair smooth. Also it protects your hair for the heating coils inside the dyer as well. It may takes some time to get used to, but keep trying!

“You get what you pay for!”

Yes, professional products and tools are more expensive. But they are for a reason. Better quality and engineering. You may spend more up front, but you will not have to replace it as frequent and less time spent styling your hair! You will have more time to thumb threw Facebook or maybe finally get to that pile of laundry. And have great, shiny healthy hair while doing it!

Our favorite blow dryer….

(Which I have had for about 6 years and Ferrari designed the “engine”)

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