The Daily Dry Shampooer


The daily dry shampooer

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Dear the busy mom, the boss ladies and the ladies with more hair then god,

I know soon as you wake, you reach for the bottle of dry shampoo. It cuts so much time off your morning routine! I mean, who has time to wash their hair EVERY DAY?!  You literally could pat your head and see the little smoke rising up, lol. You know its true! Whatever brand you choose, which ever one you loath or love. Here are some tips to keep your scalp and hair healthy in between washes.


The right way to use dry shampoo…

Yes there is a right and wrong way to use it. You have to shake the bottle vigorously and in between sprays! Spray the hair in sections, 6 to 8 inches away, mush it all with your fingers then give it time to sit to absorb all the oils/dirt. About 10 minutes. After, brush your hair well, this is also important for your scalp. Then style. Round brushing it with your blow drier will give your hair more volume and remove more oil/dirt.


Don’t forget about your ends…

As the days go by, your ends get drier and drier. Think of your ends as a root to a plant, they get thirsty. All the moisture/oil are staying at your hair roots and your ends aren’t getting anything! You should be using a light oil to keep them hydrated, healthy and shiny. We love Bain De Terre’s Recovery Complex. This oil is light weight, clear (so it doesnt’t turn blondes yellow), and your hair loves it! It will quickly absorb into the hair and you can keep layering it on. Even the finest of hair love it (trust us, Bridget’s fine hair can’t get enough)!


Only shampooing once?!

3 to 5+ days have gone by. Its finally time to mentally prepare yourself to wash and style your hair. You think washing it once is actually cleaning it? NOPE! Use this guide: how many days have passed, is how many times the hair should be washed. Don’t forget to scrub your scalp!!! Think about all the layers of dry shampoo you have on it…. LAYERSSSSSSSSSS. Honey, you need to wash that scalp/hair more then once! Invest in a good clarifying or detox shampoo. We love Color Proof’s Detox Shampoo. Won’t strip out color, only removes build up. If using a toning shampoo, make that one your last shampoo.



That’s right! Your hair is flammable with all that dry shampoo in it. So stay away from flames! Most dry shampoos have ingredients like, liquefied petroleum gas and denature alcohol.  We started to carry Alterna’s Sheer dry shampoo, that does not include those ingredients.


So my dry shampooers, keep your ends moisturized, wash your hair more then once (scrub the sh*^ out of your scalp) and keep away from flames!
Dry shampoo on my friends.