Red Lips?!



With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to break out the red lipstick!

But do you have a hard time picking the right shade? Well we have the solution for you!

Skin Tone


Skin tone plays a huge roll in what shade works best for your skin. What skin tone am I, you ask? Well here are some tips to find out!

*Look at the inside of your arm. Find your veins. Cooler tones will have more blue veins since their underlying pigment is pink. Warmer skin tones will have green veins since their underlying pigment is yellow. Have a mix of both like I do? That means you are neutral.

*Eye color will also tell you if you are cool or warm. Cool eye tones are Blue, Grey, Green (deeper green since it has more blue tones) and dark brown. Neutral eye tones are Hazel. And warm eye tones are Amber Brown, Light hazel, Turquoise Blue and Green (lighter green since it has more yellow tones).

*Hair color. If you don’t have natural color, use your current color. Purple, Dark reds, Ash blondes and browns are on the cooler side. Warmer hair color will have more gold and copper undertones tones.

*The only exception to these rules are natural red heads. Their skin tone is pinkish leading to be on the cooler side. Their hair is copper which is warm. And their eyes typically are on the warmer side as well. So they personally have to try warm and cool to figure out what they like best on themselves. My favorite color on red heads have a purplish hughe. I love jem tones on them as well.

*Another question you may ask yourself is. What do I look better in? Black and silver (cool) or gold and brown (warm)?

Once you have figured it out, you’re on your way to finding the right red!

But how can I tell if the red is cool or warm?

There are soooooo many reds out there. But your eye can’t seem to see the difference? Here is an easy tip.

The lighter and brighter the red, the warmer it will be since it will have more yellow in it. Almost an orange tinge.


The more pure of a red tone will be more of a neutral red it is.


The cooler the red, the more blue tones it will contain.


Rules are definitely meant to be broken. So play around with the colors, take a ton of selfies (insert our previous post about selfies here) and see what color you like best on you.  To make a BIG statement, wear the color opposite to your skin tone.

Ease into it


Still not sure if you are ready to take the red lipstick plunge? Try a red lip liner under a gloss or a pigmented gloss. The one pictured above is my favorite! Mirabella’s Colour Luxe in Flare for the cooler tones or try blaze for warmer. Once you feel comfortable in the gloss, step into a lipstick. Pick doing something new on a day that doesn’t matter. Like going to the grocery store or shopping.  That way when you are going somewhere important, you can have the most confidence because you know you look beautiful. Wearing confidence is your best look.

Still uncertain? Stop on down to MB Studio and I can help you choose the perfect red lip! Or feel free to send me an e-mail.


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